155-channel failure simulation box | FSB155M


The FSB 155m is a serial, E 155-channel Failure Simulation Box or Breakoutbox. This system is specifically designed for simulating errors and interruptions in motor management systems, catering to both diesel and gasoline engines. With this system, signals from a rotating motor can be measured or interrupted. Each channel is equipped with an integrated 5 Amps fuse. The box is placed in series between the engine and the engine management system, ensuring that every signal from the ECU passes through the breakout box.
Two red LEDs can be utilized to display different signals such as injectors, activated relays, and actuators.
Accurate 10-stroke, 1 Watt potentiometers of 10k, 50k, and 100k ohms can be employed to simulate transitions in resistances. To connect the FSB to the engine, an adapter cable must be used, depending on the connector type.
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Technical specifications:
-Each channel (155x) has a 5 AMP fuse.
-Each channel is equipped with a switch to simulate errors or interruptions.
-Signals can be measured via the contact buses
-3 x 10 beats potentiometers of 10k, 50k and 100 kohm are present to simulate a resistance
-2 red LEDs for signal indication
-No external power supply is required
-A manual is supplied as standard
-Dimensions: 53 x 42 x 16 cm
-Weight: 10 kg
-The system is housed in a robust plastic case
-Anodized front plate
-Fluke Multimeter
-Bananaplug Wires
-Jumper Connector
Your benefits:
-Easy to "uncover" motor management without damaging threads or simulating errors
-Universally applicable to every brand of car, every engine management system

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