234-channel failure simulation box | FSB-LT234


The FSB-LT234 (Light Version compared to our FSB232M) is a 234-channel Failure Simulation Box of Breakoutbox ,. This model is even more universal than the smaller version, the FSB-LT78 and FSB-LT156. This system is specially designed for error simulations in motor management systems, both for diesel and gasoline engines. With this system, signals from a rotating motor can be measured or interrupted. The box is switched in series between engine and the engine management system. Every signal from the ECU must then go through the FSB.
Technical specifications:
-Signals can be measured via the 2 mm contact buses.
-Error simulation by means of interruption.
-No external power supply is required
-Dimensions: 36 x 29 x 20 cm
-Weight: 10 kg
-The system is housed in a robust plastic case
-Plastic front plate lasered and engraved
-Fluke Multimeter
-Bananaplug Wires 2mm
-Extra Jumper Connectors 2 mm
Your benefits:
-Easy to "uncover" motor management without damaging threads or simulating errors
-Universally applicable to every brand of car, every engine management system

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