62 pins Breakoutbox | PRTK-BOB62


This 62 Pin plastic parallel, breakout box, must be used together with all parallel, adapters these adapters can be used between the ecu and the engine harness connector (s). In this way we can measure all signals while the ecu is still in function and the engine management or other Systems Still Work in a correct way. No need to pierce into cables or use paper clips. The best way to Measure Signals Without Damaging Wires, Terminals or Connectors.
The 62 Pin Breakout Box is connected with the adapter by mean or 1 cable with 62 pin connector.
We can Deliver Almost Any Adapter for Any Motor Manangement System. These are on request. Send us a picture of the ecu connector so we can quote you a price for this adapter.
We are willing to print your own logo or text on the box for distributors or oems.

SKU: PRTK-BOB62 ISBN: 8721145814650
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